Reputation Management

Your organization’s reputation is one of its most important assets. Today’s ever-changing business environment and heightened social awareness create a challenge for organizational leaders to increase a brand’s credibility and instill confidence among all relevant stakeholders. We help protect and strengthen organizational perception with internal and external audiences.


Risk Planning

We partner with organizations to put a strategic plan in place to minimize risk exposure in the most cost-effective manner possible. We assist organizations to identify and prepare for non-preventable risks that arise externally to their strategy and operations.

Specific skills and tools:

  • Vulnerability Assessments 
  • Risk Mitigations Strategies
  • Response Scenarios

Stakeholder Engagement

Organizations need to remain relevant to thrive. Continuous engagement with stakeholders is vital to maintaining relevancy and a positive reputation. We help organizations identify and respond to shifting stakeholder expectations and perceptions that drive significant impact.

Specific skills and tools:

  • Stakeholder Identification and Mapping Systems 
  • Alliance Building Strategies
  • Facilitating constructive dialogue between stakeholders

Issues Management

In today’s business environment, a high value is placed on reputation positioning and issues management. Strengthening your brand before a conflict arises can limit the damage. Maintaining an effective issues-management strategy can help organizations detect and respond appropriately to emerging trends or changes in the socio-political environment.

Specific skills and tools:

  • Curative and Crisis Communications 
  • Reputation Audits and Surveys
  • Advocacy and Specialized Campaigns