Organizational Effectiveness

In order to maximize net benefit, we review current strategy to identify potential enhancements before taking action. Our team delivers custom (and often, disruptive) solutions for clients seeking substantial improvement to organizational effectiveness.


Strategic Planning

We help organizations capitalize on both current and potential value to most impactfully deliver products or services. Through our unique strategic-planning approach, we help organizations navigate complex operating challenges that hinder growth, profitability, or mission-related goals.

Specific skills and tools:

  • Benchmarking and Market Trend Analysis
  • Strategic Planning & Implementation
  • Line of Business Strategies

Change Management & Communication

Our change-management planning and strategy-development expertise guide organizations to successfully adopt change and meet new goals. We understand how important it is to keep operations running smoothly even when changes are happening behind the scenes or external factors are requiring process and strategy modifications.

Specific skills and tools:

  • Organizational Repositioning 
  • Leadership and Talent Development
  • Transformation and Performance Management Training

Sustainability Consulting

Our team assists in managing the impacts, obligations, and opportunities organizations face in terms of longevity. Prescribed business-sustainability and CSR-related strategies enable organizations to remain resilient in constantly shifting economic, social, and environmental systems.

Specific skills and tools:

  • CSR Program Design & Implementation
  • Materiality Assessment & Prioritization of Impacts 
  • Reporting & Disclosure Guidance