Multicultural Integration

The foundation for our multicultural work is social progress. We feel strongly that multicultural work must include a vigorous commitment to linking socioeconomic justice, racial equity, and opportunity equality with talent management goals.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Discovery & Planning

We work with organizations to create innovative frameworks that optimize the impacts of diversity, equity and inclusion. Through a comprehensive discovery process, we deliver essential insights and a results-driven approach

Specific skills and tools:

  • Customized vision and strategy for diversity and inclusion 
  • Talent-recruitment and staff-development practices
  • Intentional and strategic dialogue about diversity

Equitable Practices Audit & Assessments

The deployment of our Equitable Practices Audit makes critical discoveries and identifies key engagement opportunities. The proprietary tool involves and end-to-end review of policies and practices to assess inclusiveness, equality, and cultural competency.

Specific skills and tools:

  • Equitable Practices Audit
  • Policy and Procedures Review Analysis 
  • Executive-Level Accountability

Transformational Coaching & Training

We facilitate frank and respectful internal discussions on anti-oppression and racial equity to intentionally strengthen leadership at all levels. From introductory to advanced inclusiveness training, we deliver continuous learning opportunities to a broad set of organizational stakeholder groups.

Specific skills and tools:

  • Development of DEI-based training “suite” for all staff 
  • Utilization of Strategic Partnerships
  • Cultural Competency Playbook